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Real Madrid and Messi will still be practically invincible in FIFA 16

FIFA 16 is here! Yes, many gamers will be writing off their weekend and they attempt to become the best at EA's new football game. If you're struggling to win, you should take a few minutes to read Dave Bytheway's top FIFA 16 tips. TCM's Dave reached the final of the FIFA Interactive World Cup in Rio earlier this year and he also writes for FIFA tips site Orange Octopus, so he knows his stuff. His FIFA 16 tips will tell you the best way to pass, create chances and, most importantly, score. Defend with your midfielders and only double team when you have more defenders than attackers. Pick the closest midfielder/attacker and just sprint back to keep your back four in line. AI behaves fine when they're in line.
Be patient and contain [contain is done by pressing X on PlayStation or A on Xbox] and just follow the player and always try to force him outside. When your opponent gets to the final third on the wing, switch to the closest defensive back and cut him off by doubling him with the player you were originally marking him with [hold R1 after you switch to the defensive back to keep the original defender there for the double team]. This tip includes six steps and all of them are vital and need to be followed in order if you want to get full benefit from the function of this technique. If you have watched this video throughout, you have moved ahead and even halfway to becoming the champion of FUT 16.
My main problem with fifa 16 was that it seemed like High pressure defense was too OP and it was difficult to counter that play style. I felt like the passing improved in 16 so it wasnt as the latest Fifa 16 news. The pace abuse really pissed me of in 16. Not that it was impossible to stop but just running into those players thAt just zig zagged all game. For me that was the most Annoying part of 16 and from what I’m hearing about 16 those type of players are gonna be in trouble .In the face of these defensive additions, I’m sure Real Madrid and Messi will still be practically invincible in FIFA 16.

That’s just the nature of their skill levels. But it’s comforting that I won’t see my AI teammates run past or just flat out ignore an attacking player, or stay pinned to the ground in an animation of a mistimed tackle. There’s a fine tuning of the responsiveness that ups the defensive prowess of FIFA 16, and I think it gives lesser-skilled players a different avenue to tackle FIFA fanatics that all too easily know how to exploit defensive breakdowns. Check out the Top 10 Defensive players and take a look at our expanded list below that highlights players that possess the Tackler and/or Tactician specialties. There are a lot of good defenders available in FIFA 16, but these below are just some of the higher-tier defensively-minded players that can greatly help your side succeed.
There are so many different controls that are at our fingertips on FIFA 16, and it still surprises us today that not every player chooses to use these functions in helping them to concede fewer goals. From the likes of Teammate control, heading away danger, dealing with crosses in the box, to using strength effectively, sliding your opponent with precise timing and becoming an intercepting king. If there is a gap between you and the player with the ball pressing tackle will actually make your player lunge at them with his leg. This is best when in front of a player running at you or if you are running towards the player from an angle and quite close.
If too much of a gap your player will lunge at space and his leg will be stuck out meaning you can’t control him quickly again. Sometimes players do this themselves if you aren’t controlling them and it makes it easier for attackers to run round them. EA has confirmed that the Transfer Market is back online for PC, Xbox and PlayStation with Price Ranges enabled, following an extensive maintenance period earlier today. "Although the new FUT 16 item Price Ranges will differ from current prices, their relative value to other player items on the Transfer Market will remain consistent in order to maintain a level playing field for everyone," a post from EA sports reads.
This is simply a quick run through what to expect from our expert defence guide which can be viewed anytime, just click on the defending tips tab at the top of the page on the menu and you’ll arrive at the page with all the content in one place. There you’ll find in-depth articles explaining everything, as well as video tutorials for the more visual gamer. It’s best to perform the jockey movement in the latter stages of a match as the opposition is getting very tired and that’s when you’ll be able to not only put in more challenges but also win the ball back more successfully more often.
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