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Players have to use the slide tackle in FIFA 16 when they catch up

More often than not in FIFA 16, the fourth official, or referee, seems to add too much stoppage time on at the end of each half; indeed, there have been several instances where five minutes have seemingly randomly been added on to each stanza. Sure, there have been a couple of goals, but it’s not like anybody needed stretchering off and the amount allocated often seems excessive to us. This could be due to a bug in the game - or it could be that this year the man in charge is tallying up every throw-in, corner, goal kick and offside. Though the clock still runs during these bits of play, it’s in real time, rather than game time, to avoid time wasting.
Slide tackle - It will have a big impact in FIFA 16. Unlike previous FIFA titles, where players used the O or B button to knock off a player, in FIFA 16 players have to use the slide tackle when they catch up (right moment). Use O on PlayStation and B on Xbox sparingly. When fighting for ball possession, use this when you are closer to the ball. Using this to play catch up might not be successful in FIFA 16 as you might fall behind. If you are not good at defending, one Redditor suggested using the "park the bus" tactics. Here the defenders will keep their position and will cover each other. The other players will also support them to defend.
You can watch video in Super High-definition, and it includes real gameplay of the tournament online in FUT 16 with final games, quarter-finals, and semi-finals included. You can also see the examples and insert the passing tika-taka style into your FUT 16 gameplay in video. With arrows and circles highlighting the proper players, this video will benefit you to win more FUT 16 matches of the rest of the season. As the video showcases, the gamer keeps 90% of the possession in the field, and the opponent ends up with no spectator watching on. This video also proves that this technique may make players rage-quit, even at a tournament’ late stage.

I still need to build up play though. I don't just spam through balls. Dempsey is my top scorer by a big margin and Keane just follows him behind but has more assists. As for Donovan and Henry they have scored much less goals. It would be embarrassing for them if I called them strikers in this formation. They even have more assists than goals! This was my first ever team I build in FUT 16 and I honestly see nothing wrong with having not particularly good or fast strikers who have good passing and descent shooting as attacking mids. They are more useful for me behind the striker.
Anyone that’s played a FIFA 16 match against a player-controlled Real Madrid, or perhaps even FC Barcelona, knows this issue all too well: superstar players executing a drive forward with a near-invincible flair of strength, power and speed. When playing those teams, your defensive capabilities need to be at the top of their game, because too much space, a clanger or a lack of confidence in transition can lead to a turnover and subsequent goal. I challenged Enrique on the fact that Real Madrid is the most played team in the FIFA franchise, and what the EA Canada team was doing to make them, well, mortal, without devaluing their attacking flair as one of the sport’s premiere clubs. Frankly, I wanted to know what it was about FIFA 16 that would give me a chance against Real Madrid.
Now, we shift our focus to defense. Proper defending is all about timing: knowing when to attempt a dispossession and how you to attempt to pull it off. Additionally, smart tactical decisions and proper positioning will make it increasingly difficult for your opposition to score. When you use team mate contain a different player to the one you are controlling goes towards the player with the ball to track and jockey them. Now you can move the player you are controlling nearer the person you think your opponent will pass to. In effect intercepting passes. Or if near the box you can move into an area which will block any shot. Explained more in the next section defending your area. Also you can use both the contain button and team mate press button at the same time with certain tactics to press heavy to win the ball back if losing. Explained in the final section pressing with many players.
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