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FIFA 16 is just round the corner

A footballer trains between matches to improve as a player. In FIFA 16, managers will be able to train their squad to increase player attributes and boost player development. Each week, select up to five squad players to train from a number of training drills, each focused on developing specific attributes. So here’s just a handful of the talent still available for free, with their FIFA 16 rating next to their names. While it would be nice to see them find new clubs, it would benefit the virtual world if they were still being touted around as squad fillers or higher… The commentary is especially clever, somehow picking up on the most favourable stats from your season’s progress.
“One of the original reasons for FIFA 16 Draft Mode was more to provide an interesting and compelling change of pace for very experienced players: high risk, high reward, and to really shake it up,” explains Shaikh. “It became obvious very quickly that this was a great distillation of the FUT experience. In an evening you could build a great team, take part in a challenging competition and get rewards at the end.” It’s also a whistle-stop tour of everything that shines about the updated Ultimate Team, such as broadcast style presentation and nine new Legends that include George Best and Ryan Giggs. Team of the Week is also incorporated, meaning that draft players in September may not be the same as those in December.

Share with FIFA 16 fans, share with friends. Experience the social side of football with the EA SPORTS Football Club. The more you play, the faster you move up all 100 levels so track your progress and share it with friends. Join live Challenges and earn rewards that unlock hundreds of in-game items from the Football Club Catalogue. Watch as real-world storylines drive Football Club challenges so FIFA 16 looks, feels and plays like the real-world season. There will also be a new range of playable stadiums, the addition of women’s national teams, a fully authentic Bundesliga broadcast package, more than 450 new or updated player graphics, new weather conditions, and over 900 chants captured from real world stadiums.
As a FIFA 16 manager, that can leave you fuming, but this year you have a finer degree of control over your team and your players, so at least you can perform a finer degree of damage limitation if needed. The team can be set for all-out attack or you can instruct them to park the proverbial bus (apparently it's a legitimate strategy after all). It works too; you may be a goal down, chasing the game, and the opponent AI will decide to run down the clock by holding the ball by the corner flag, and it's equally frustrating as you see those precious remaining seconds ticking down. FIFA 16 is just round the corner and for those impressed by the new footage seen at Gamescom there is a way to get your hands on it ahead of its September 24 release date.
‘Take emotion out of it,’ joked Neville. A stubborn Carragher insisted ‘I have, he’s the best player ever from our club and it’s bias from Manchester United.’ ‘Calm down I can’t understand a word you are saying,’ added Neville but his Sky Sports colleague was refusing to back down and took to controller to select his former Anfield team-mate. ‘Give it here, Steven Gerrard is playing.’ The pair were eager to start playing and rattled through the remaining players, agreeing to select Tottenham star Harry Kane as the lead striker.
Another comes when the two need to choose a midfielder and Carragher in FIFA 16 demands that Neville pick Steven Gerrard, yelling: “How can you not pick Steven Gerrard? He’s the greatest player from [Liverpool] and this is biased.” Then, when the team is finally decided, the two share banter about each other’s passing, closing down defenders and other facets of the game. Congrats EA Sports, you might have just kick started both Carragher and Neville’s comedy careers.
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