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FIFA 16 is all about possession and patience

Whenever one of the opponent’s players makes a run, make sure that you manually follow said player with one of your defenders. This will cut out the option of a through ball. In the vast majority of cases, your opponent will react by playing a safe horizontal pass. The great thing about using Ultra Defensive tactics is that your opponent will often forget about his own defensive responsibilities. In his head, he is in complete control of the game and you are under the cosh. I mean, why else would a team be sitting back in their own half? Right? Some methods are more successful than others and you will generally find yourself adopting a certain style of play after a while that suits you and you are happy with.
Just hold left trigger (LT or L2) to shield the ball. This is really effective so practice using it. One of the best ways to defend in FIFA 16. One technique for attacking which is often tried and abused is the playing of a lobbed through ball from kick off after sending a player on a run. This doesn’t work as badly in FIFA 16 as it did in FIFA 15. Obviously if someone tries 20 times a couple might work though. Don’t panic when you have the ball in possession of one of your defenders. You should have enough time to find the players that are free for a pass. Often times you can avoid giving the ball away by always keeping a cool head. It’s a little tricky to explain but nowhere in the FIFA rule book does it say that you cannot make a tackle if you would have been offside when the defender latched onto the ball.

This is the moment you want to pass it, you can see the striker starting his run whilst the defenders are still facing you and are flat footed. Whenever your striker looks like this, it is the perfect time to play the through ball. As expected in a game where teammates and opponents are controlled by AI, the offsides are generally correct, though there are less replays shown this year - which is aggravating when you feel you were onside and demand to see proof! There is also a major grievance we have with offsides: if the ball is played to an attacker in an offside position but is intercepted by a defender, the defender can then control and dribble away with the ball; however, if they’re then tackled at any point by said attacker before he passes it, the whistle goes for offside. This is not how the offside rule works, EA!
A good offense is a good defense. FIFA 16 is all about possession and patience. Do not rush a pass. Do not just kick the ball to your striker, if he has no support near him. He will quickly get outnumbered and lose it. Gradually advance the ball towards the opponent's box by passing. Pass to players with the most space, even if it means giving the ball back/sideways. Play very centrally, this may mean inverting your wingers so their strong foot is on the inside (AustiinW). My take on the issue about through balls and them being too powerful is practice. I hardly ever play through balls, now instead of sending a through a ball with Y, I play a pass with the X button in the direction space the player is running to. I found out most of the time its more accurate than a through ball. But the downside to it is that the ball has less power so defenders can catch up easily.
FIFA 16 frustrated me in this regard. I’m certainly not the greatest FIFA player on the planet (but I’m pretty good: ask Ben Salter), but losing a match on the back of an AI blunder kills what can otherwise be a tactically-superior approach to a match. Because really, that’s where FIFA 16 broke down: AI awareness, specifically in defense, which sometimes made transition into attack a futile exercise. This tactical ploy is used by all of the top teams in Europe and is coached to the best defenders in the world from a very young age by coaches and staff. Usually whilst young defenders are making their name in their respected youth academy of their club. Whilst in the side-on position, you will be able to show wingers down the line whilst still keeping up with them, but also when they try and cut inside into the middle you will also be able to keep up with play.
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