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Better skilled FIFA 16 players will be much more effective

EA Sports have begun teasing everyone with what they can expect in the next version of their FIFA series by releasing various videos describing some of the features that will be present. While most of us would be happy with a game that doesn't force you to play against Real Madrid every single time, or even one where you can't tell when the computer is deliberately making you lose, FIFA 16 promises to have a plethora of exciting new ways to make you smash your controller in anger. One of the masters of that skill in real-life is Barcelona and Argentina superstar Lionel Messi. The 28-year-old’s movements were analysed and replicated by the makers of FIFA 16, so as to reinforce the new gameplay feature.
With Messi as the master of this signature move, EA Sports had him demonstrate how the move is done, and he was motion-captured using state of the art technology that perfectly recreates his movements thereby giving players the most realistic feel of pulling off the move in the game. The "No Touch Dribbling" move is not exclusive to Messi, as it can be used by any player, though the success rate is still dependent on how skilled the player is. EA Sports has today announced that it's highly anticipated FIFA 16 will include improved "no touch" dribbling gameplay, allowing gamers to mimic the skills of Lionel Messi and others when playing the game.
Then, you may ask which players can perform No Touch Dribbling. I want to tell you every player on the pitch and skill move star rating in FIFA 16, to some extent, it will be effective, which means if you like Juan Cuadrado or Messi, you can pull off moves while others may not. Make sure to spend a little time in the practice area for the first time playing FIFA 16 to get familiar with No Touch Dribbling. “I honestly can’t believe all of the science and technology behind the game itself, let alone getting us into the motion capture suits and eventually into the game. We’re all excited to see ourselves in the game, but even more excited to see the reaction from all of the fans, including the fans of our team that maybe wouldn’t be expecting something like this from EA SPORTS.”

Better skilled FIFA 16 players will be much more effective at no touch dribbling than those with low ratings. It is a great new way to beat defenders and will buy you some extra time to make a pass or get your shot away. Users will also be able to use a new range of touches to get the ball past defenders as they react. "When one is face to face, there is always more room and it is much more difficult for the defender because the attacker has more chances to break away in any direction," Messi added.
Now the pressure is on for Kane to replicate his stunning form. His rating was surged up from 68 to 77 on FIFA 16, but you can expect that to be tipping 80 on the new game. Kane looked like the real deal last year, but if he doesn’t take off, he could go down as a hugely overrated player in the virtual world. Kevin De Bruyne may seem like an odd choice at the moment, but he could soon see his stock rise considerably. He managed a remarkable 10 goals and 20 assists in 34 games for Wolfsburg. That is an incredible haul by almost any player’s standards, though he failed to crack the Premier League with Chelsea.
In Draft you need to build your squad from the 5 randomized players for each position and it will be interesting to see weather players focused on the ratings of the card player or more interested to develop a best chemistry among there players as chemistry is again a new feature added in FIFA 16. The Stade Vélodrome is a multi-purpose stadium in Marseille, France. It is home to the Olympique de Marseille football club of Ligue 1 and also its major league. Vicarage Road, a stadium in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, is the home of the football club Watford of the Premier League and also major league.
Global Transfer Network dosn’t seem to change a lot but again their were some changes which are praise worthy such as EA decided to mask the player overall rating (OVR) in many of Career Mode’s menus but that tended to hinder rather than help you when it came to scouting players. So Friends FIFA 16 is all set to be ready to be launch in the market with great pomp on September 22, 2015.
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